Suicide isn't cool.

Have you guys heard of the incident Alviss Kong ? This 22 years old boy committed suicide after his girlfriend broke off with him after 4 months. For those living under the stone, yes, 4 months i didn't type wrongly. To be honest, I do find him selfish and ...yeah stupid. But amidst of the name calling, I also pity him. No one ever deserve to die so young. He is only 22 years old.

Unlike what everybody thinks, I don't think he died for 'love' (I have my own opinions on the matter), but rather that his death could have been prevented if people are more alert to his subtle cries of help. With misconceptions like 'people who threaten to suicide most probably won't do it', people wouldn't believe it even when you tell them straight at their face..let alone hearing these silent cries of help. Personally, if i were to kill myself I wouldn't tell anyone about it (lol. No I am fine. Don't worry).

It's good to say, suicide isn't cool. Taking your own life is a sin to many religions. Even if you are an atheist, you should also consider your friends, family and other close to you before killing yourself. Life is surely not just about couple love, it's more than that ! So scrub that "omg so mulia and 'wai dai' this guy, 'sacrificing' himself for love'. I lol'ed when a friend sent me his tribute video. It's like you walking then you pokai, and then people make tribute video of you for pokai-ing. Don't over do it guys. Let the dead sleep in peace for heaven sake. At the rate of how this thing is going, he is going to become a freaking world icon tomorrow and might even end up in your sejarah book. =.=

So how do you even figure out if someone is considering suicide ? How do you know whether the threat is real ? I will say, don't risk it. Treat all the threats real. If its real, and you didn't do anything about it, not only will you regret, but you will have missed a chance to safe your friend.

  1. A suicidal person never wants to die. A suicidal person is in pain and they need help, instead of screaming "OMG I NEED HALP 111!!!", they exhibit signs which is easily recognized.
  2. And a suicidal person will always show these tendencies and signs.
  3. I think a suicidal person will always leave something behind for others to know that he took his own life...after all it sucks if you committed suicide and people thought you went to Macau for holiday.
  4. Contrary to the popular saying that people who commit suicide are cowards because they are trying to run from reality, it is only half true. Suicide requires A LOT of guts (I am certain of that. Don't ask me why tho. Te hee!).

So did you see any sad people today ? Someone who is lonely ? Depressed ? Helpless ? Troubled ? Extend your hand, help and comfort those in need...People should always help each other...After all we are all the same.

A site to clear those stupid myths:

A site to help identify some of the characteristics of suicide:

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